My name is Megan Schacherbauer and I’m your VA!

I am an excellent communicator with an eye for organization, a mind for systems and a positive, customer-centric attitude.

Here are some more things you may want to know about me:

  • I prefer over communicating to under communicating. I will ask as many questions as I need to upfront, to understand your needs, and make sure that your tasks get done exactly as you need them done. I appreciate questions from my clients as well, it gives us both peace of mind knowing we are on exactly the same page.
  • I am prompt. If there is a deadline that needs to be met, I meet it. If I will never leave you waiting or unsure of the status of your work; it will always be completed as agreed upon, or early. I make sure to keep my client list small and take on less work to ensure it is always done well and done on time.
  • I am a lifelong student, and avid learner. I am always excited and delighted to take on new challenges. If I need to learn a new tool to work for you, I’m happy to do it and the hours spent learning will be on my dime, not yours.
  • I am accepting new clients!